I am a work at home stay at home father of two.  My two daughters have spent the majority of their first two years with me as their day time caregiver.  I have an excellent job that allows me to work full time from my home.  I realize that the situation is privilege and I work hard every day to ensure that I can continue to lead supportive and productive lifestyle.

I am an associate member of the Sierra Madre Search and Rescue team. I was very involved with the team for 10 years and was president of the board for 3 years.  I stepped back from search and rescue to have more time with my family but still respond to searches when time permits.

As an offshoot of being involved in search and rescue I’ve become a very active trail runner.  Being ready to respond to rescue operations does not only involve having the right gear and skills, it also involved being physically prepared to go where ever someone may be lost or hurt.  That may be yards, miles or even days worth of walking around the backcountry. As part of being ready I started running the local trails not only for fitness but also to gain knowledge of the changing trail conditions.

As you may have guessed by now, this blog will mostly deal with being a father, a runner, and a search and rescue volunteer.  In one way I’ll have an outlet for those ideas or thoughts that keep me up at night and in another way I hope to provide useful information for people interested in SAR, fitness, or being a stay at home father.